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Composer's Tech - Pulsing Pads Utility Vol 1

Composer's Tech - Pulsing Pads Utility Vol 1

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If you are just looking to fill out a section of your track but need a little rhythm, look no further. Pulsing Pads Utility Vol. 1 sample pack consists of 5 different analog synth pads that pulse in sync with different tempos. As with all of our utility sample packs, we wanted to deliver samples that allow you to find a sound you want and easily use it within your track. We hate when we are working with a sample pack and different tempos have totally different sounds, so here each synth is played in all 12 keys at three different tempos. 

Because pads often fill out the space, we didn't play chord progressions, but rather long-held-out chords that will work in your chord progression. There are both open fifth chords for a thicker, dreamier sound, as well as singular note loops on the root note of the key you are in. Not only that but the same type of pulsing is used for any sound of the same name, so no matter what tempo or key you are in if you like a sound you can find it in the corresponding tempo and key. These loops have been produced at 80pm, 100bpm, and 120bpm, so if you can choose the closest tempo to your and then warp it. While we could have warped our samples to all these tempos since they are analog synthesizers we wanted to play them to avoid any artifacts before you warp them further if need be.

This sample pack contains 5 analog synthesizers played in three tempos with both as a pulsing chord and a pulsing single note for a total of 360 loops. 

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