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Kontakt Instrument - Cucina Version 1

Kontakt Instrument - Cucina Version 1

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This is a Kontakt instrument built, in collaboration with Mirrortone Studios in NYC, using pristinely recorded kitchen utensils and appliances, as well as some actual cooking actions, like boiling and frying. Basically anything you might do or use in the kitchen.

While this can be used for foley, the main purpose of this instrument was to be able to play the kitchen like an instrument in a musical setting.

In fact, the library was designed while working on a cooking show, but I'm now making it available for purchase to the public.

The instrument is broken up into 10 color-coded sample sections:

  • Oven
  • Ingredients
  • Knife
  • Mixer/Blender
  • Paper
  • Pots and Pans
  • Water
  • Wooden
  • Bottle
  • Loops

Hopefully, all of the sample groups are self-explanatory, but in general, each type of object or material has 8 -10 samples and is made from various ways of making noise from these objects. For example, the oven has everything from the lighter sound to the slamming of the door (great for kick drum purposes).

However, there is one sample group that is quite unique, it is a built-in tempo-synced loops section. It is intended to provide a hi-hat like groove for you to play under. However, we'll cover the rhythm/arpeggiator section coming up so you can use an additional instance of this instrument to create loops to play over.

Aside from the samples, and the recording techniques used to process them, there are intuitive Reverb and Delay Controls that have been coded with the kitchen samples in mind. You can get some really crazy sounds using just these controls, but when applied subtly, you end up with a very playable instrument.

Finally, the plugin has a rhythm section to allow you to easily create rhythmic loops with all of the samples available by just holding down one or more keys.

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