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Kontakt Instrument - NoBoe Version 1

Kontakt Instrument - NoBoe Version 1

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This is a hybrid scoring instrument built in collaboration with Mirrortone Studios in NYC, using pristinely recorded oboes through world-class outboard gear to achieve a hybrid sound that is made for the scoring composer. It has been many years in the making, particularly because it was built on the job during real scoring and producing projects, and has been heard in countless commercials and films.

There are unique samples for every velocity for every note that is within the oboe's range. Below that the lowest sample has been stretched to give the instrument a very unique hybrid low-end. Additionally, because the oboe was recorded through a custom chain of outboard delay and reverb, the samples themselves are quite long and have a wonderful evolutionary tail. In addition to this, there are built-in reverb and delay controls using a custom impulse response to give them even more charter.

Aside from the reverb and delay controls, the ADHSR controls allow you to sculpt this into a more pointillistic instrument through short attack times, or conversely to help you build more impressionistic textures through longer ADHSR times. And perhaps one of the most expressive controls is the Cutoff frequency which is mapped to the mod wheel to help you fade in and out of cues and acts as a general expression control.

Finally, the plugin has a rhythm section which, depending on your settings, can act more like an arpeggiator, or more like an evolutionary pulse. It has all of the settings that you would expect from a Kontakt sequencer, but when using this source material it will create soundscapes that are rather unique to the instrument.

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