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Sibelius Advanced Calculator Pro

Sibelius Advanced Calculator Pro

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Engravers do more math than your average musician. Ever try and figure out how many bars should fit here and how many systems should fit there? Ever wonder what your metric modulation should actually be?

This plugin is a calculator for use within Sibelius. No more leaving the score to divide the number of bars by the number of desired systems. There is a built-in score variable extractor that allows you to perform any kind of layout math you wish.

And if you just need to do any quick calculations, you can input any equation you would like. It is capable of all standard operations, it has built-in memory (for saving solutions to input into the next equation), as well as a looping runtime (most plugins in Sibelius just quit after you use them, this will keep running until you decide you are done). It is the only way to do math while in a score!

Now fully equipped with a backspace button and new score derived variables!

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