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Sibelius Check Entrances

Sibelius Check Entrances

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his is one of our most powerful plugins for Sibelius engravers and proof-readers. The plug-in checks all entries in each staff of a score (or one specified staff) for the presence of dynamics. It can also correct entries missing dynamics so that the last present dynamic marking is reiterated at the next entry.

Additionally, if it can not find a previous marking (meaning that no dynamics have been declared throughout the piece in that staff), you can choose to use a default dynamic marking of your choice. There are also a number of locate functions (to the trace window or log file). There is also a column of controls for checking entrances at rehearsal marks. All entrances will be found using the other functions, but if you want to locate rehearsal marks, or, more likely, reiterate dynamics at rehearsal marks, you can use this function even if a staff does not have a true entrance at the rehearsal mark. Because default dynamics can be created at rehearsal marks, dynamics will even be added to bar rests. If this is undesirable, there is a parameter to strip dynamics from bar rests.

One final, fun function of this plug-in is a 'Quick View' of all entrances, this scans through the score and brings each entrance into view as it is located. The plug-in in was originally designed for Sibelius 5 but is supported by Sibelius 6 and later.

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