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Sibelius Composer Arranger Bundle

Sibelius Composer Arranger Bundle

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After much anticipation, The Music Transcriber is proud to announce the release of the Composer Arranger Bundle for Sibelius (Sibelius 6 through Sibelius Ultimate). It is the most introductory bundle of the bunch, but it includes some of the most popular plugins for the composer or arranger. The bundle includes 27 plugins! The plugins included in this bundle are:

  • Add Instrument Name To Staves
  • Alternating Signatures
  • Check Entrances
  • Check For Nested Slurs-Bowings
  • Check Open AndMute
  • Click Track
  • Convert Hairpins
  • Convert Staff Text To System Text
  • Convert System Text To Staff Text
  • Create Chord Symbols From List
  • Create Custom Articulations-Bowings
  • Create Messa Di Voce
  • Create Rhythm Score With Playback
  • Distribute Chord Symbols
  • Distribute Selection To All Staves
  • Hide Or Show Articulations
  • Insert Bars At Beginning
  • Melodic Compression
  • Musical Dice Pro
  • Repeat Old Sibelius Style
  • Scale Numbers
  • Score Log
  • Selection Navigation Plugin Bundle
  • Select Notes In Chord Position
  • Show Instrument Ranges
  • Show Instrument Ranges Pro
  • Split Voices

A total value of $303.74 for just $99.99!!! Sale price: $49.99.

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