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Sibelius Create Custom Articulations And Bowings

Sibelius Create Custom Articulations And Bowings

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One of our most powerful plugins, this plug-in allows the user to create custom articulation/bowing markings for each staff in a selection.

While it is a timesaver for creating standard bowing markings for a string section or individual string instrument, there are a number of other helpful parameters to allow the user to create their own bowing or articulation markings.

Complete with standard and custom technique and expression marking functions, almost all conceivable bowing styles can be accounted for.

Some of the more unique features include built-in hairpin creation (including dashed and dotted hairpins), starting and ending technique and expression markings, optional stripping of preexisting markings (bowings, articulations, slurs, hairpins, expressions, and techniques), messa di voce support (for the creation of more advanced hairpin shapes), and a matrix-like environment for the creation of custom bowing and articulation patterns that will repeat over the length of the selection.

The custom articulation/bowing quasi-matrix is, perhaps, the most beneficial part of this plug-in, as it can be used as a quick way to input a pattern of articulations and slurs over a selection in each staff (why use 'simile' if you can easily be explicit?).

If you spend a lot of time dealing with string or horn parts or are sick of finding ways around copying and pasting articulations and slurs, give this arranger and composer-editor plugin a try.

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