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Sibelius Create Messa Di Voces

Sibelius Create Messa Di Voces

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This plugin creates messa di voces (a crescendo followed by a decrescendo) and reverse messa di voces (decrescendo followed by crescendo) for all of the notes or all of the bars in a selection, or for the entire length of the selection. If the user chooses to base it on all bars in a selection, the plugin will create the selected hairpin figure except in bars with bar rests.

The user can choose to automatically insert a range of dynamics between the two hairpins, saving the time of trying to create a dynamic in a spot where there is nothing to attach it to.

A very useful parameter is an offset option. Sometimes the first hairpin in a messa di voce is longer than the second, in this case, the user can choose to have a left or right offset, corresponding to the first and second hairpin respectively. And by request, a new option to allow the usage of dashed hairpins has been added.

And perhaps the most powerful part of this plugin is that it will do it for all notes or all bars of a selection, saving you oodles of time.

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