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The Music Transcriber

Sibelius Melody Generator

Sibelius Melody Generator

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This plugin allows you to automatically generate a melody with the click of a button. You can choose both pitch and duration settings for your melody to draw from.

There is no Sibelius tool quite like this. In fact, there are very few music softwares at all with this capability. Just choose your settings, generate, and export your melody to text or to a Sibelius score, and you are on your way to composing. The optional Melodic Compression parameter can employ The Music Transcriber's unique algorithm of compressing a melody within a specific intervalic range.

Run it once to get a melody from scratch, or generate hundreds of melodies in a single plugin run. This plugin is an absolute must-have for the composers out there.

This plugin is our most expensive, but it provides an inexhaustible wealth of melodies. They are not stored in a bank like the Sibelius ideas library but are randomly generated from your settings, resulting in a completely dynamic output.


Check out the demonstration on youtube.

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